As you all can tell I have not been updating. I have sadly left LJ. But I will keep this journal to watch a few friends and comms.

Thanks for the ride and have a good life.

Hope tomorrow is a better day
well today was pretty okay. I was really bored here at the house. Shi's dad was really sick today. I hope he feels better tomorrow.


My boyfriend lied to me. He lied that he has been out with his buddies. Find out he's out with some slut he works it.

I Hate men.

Which Sex Girl are you?

Which Sex and the City girl are you?

You are Charlotte! Kind and caring. Serious and committed! You're the true definition of a classic beauty mixed with a vigilant optimist! You have very high standards & specific ideals of what you want your life to be-- and you will not settle for anything less! You are looking for your soul mate, that one perfect Mr. Right and even if it takes a while, you will find him!
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I'm Alive
I haven't posted in forever but I have been really busy with life. Hope you all are okay and I hope I'll be posting and getting by to LJ.

JOIN yahoo group btvs_fic_search
NEW FIC SEARCH YAHOO GROUP: I just wanted to let everyone who is a member of the Willow-Centric Near Her Always yahoo group nha_fic   they are no longer allowing fic searches on there group. So they have created a new list called btvs_fic_search  where we all can post our Willow-Centric fic searches
Please Join the more people Join the group the better luck you have at finding your hard to find stories. PIMP this site please.

COMMENT FROM nha_fic MOD : SHANNONCollapse )

Merry Christmas Flist!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all Flist!

Photobucket is down for Me...
Damn it my Photobucket account isn't working. I can't even access the photobucket site or their blog. I noticed a few of my lj friends are having similar problems and yet other accounts are working fine. WTF is going on?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY bellakuuipo1
HAPPY BIRTHDAY bellakuuipo1 on this day of October 2nd. have a Happy and Wonderful day!

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(no subject)
I tag bellakuuipo1, cathain_magi

Book -- The Da Vinci Code/Harry Potter Books
Movie -- Clueless, Breakfast at Tiffany's
Scary Movie -- Scream
TV Show -- Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the OC, CSI, Law & Order
Vacation Spot -- Hawaii
Store -- Hot Topic
Item of Clothing -- My t-shirts
Restaruant -- Doesn't Matter
Sport -- Basketball
Childhood memory -- Just hanging out with my friends
Subject -- Art
Animal -- Cats
Actress --Alsyon Hannigan, Drew Barrymore
Actor -- Brad Pitt
Food -- pasta or pizza


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